It seems to me that:

1) Those numbers are great! No bad news there.
2) If anyone wants to start a forum, great! The more the better. Maybe it'll take off..
3) It's all good news.

Perhaps I'm just an optimist.

>From the analysis there was some concern about reaching beginning/shy vloggers. That I understand. There are a lot of things you could do... I for one am still waiting for some entity to start publishing lotsa written tutorials (freevlog is brilliant but I want it in written form as well as videos). This is still a small community, enjoy the ride :)


On 5/9/06, Josh Leo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm just messin with ya Matt...

I plan on geovlogging a lot more of my videos...

does vlogmap get found a lot by the people searching for things like "nude vlog" 'Naked cat videos" etc.... cause I know that I get a lot of that kind of traffic... in addition to all the people searching for how to peel a mango and hitler's eagles nest...

On 5/9/06, < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Plug? HAHAHA!  I try to do good an get accused of bad - thanks.

Considering most vloggers haven't even attempted to claim their vlog
listing on the new VlogMap, I'm not really concerned about plugging
the forums.

I'll admit, I thought adding forums to VlogMap would be an added
service.  The goal was to provide another connection point for
international vloggers and those interested in video blogging.

However, the reality is that VlogMap gets 80-90% non-vlogger traffic.
Most people come from searching Google, yet they still seem to be
confused about what vlogging is.

Many of the visitors are from outside the US.  Many are visiting to
find videos.  Most are not vloggers.  That does provide a good
opportunity for those listed to reap traffic.  Andy Carvin has mapped
a ton of videos and has probably seen a slight increase in traffic.

Anyways, I'm not sure how to continue... it is hard to develop tools
for the community (minority) yet focus on the viewers (majority).

That being said, the future of VlogMap is in the community's hands.
If users don't add vlogs/geovlogs then it will go stale.  If users
don't moderate the listings, it may get filled w/ junk.

As for the forums and handbook, they may get pulled down since nobody
is using them.  Participating would plug yourself.  VlogMap operates
on a $0 budget and makes $0.  My only goal is to better the community
and provide useful/fun tools for vloggers.

Sorry that is seen as a plug.

--- In, "Josh Leo" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> but perhaps this is all a brilliant ploy to plug the new vlogmap

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