> I made a video about how the sexist comments on this listserv made me
> feel.  It's not all in fun, and having just joined the list after
> resisting for months, I know why I was warned not to bother with this
> "conversation" at all.  I'll keep my subscription, but I'll probably
> go back to deleting all of the messages.  Thanks to one like-minded
> female who emailed me to alert me to today's dose of bullshit.
> Go watch this:
> http://modernfeminist.blogspot.com/2006/05/sexism-in-vlogosphere.html

great video.
when i watch film clips from the 50's....you see people unconsicously
talk in very racist ways.
demeaning others based on skin color was just accepted practice.
while it still happens now, we are all aware when someone is being racist.

i think the same is true for sexism.
sometimes people just dont get it.
so its good that you call it out.


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