I like beauty in nature, art, and I like viewing
glamorous looking people.  I owe no apologies for this.  Life isn't
fair, the playing field is not level.  Some folks are visually hot, some
are not.  If you can look hot, that is to your advantage.  Go forth and
be hot.

I feel video personalities should look nice for viewers.  I've never
cared to spend time shopping for clothes, except for staying warm and
dry outdoors in Alaska.  I'm going to start though, so I can better
visually appeal to my audience.  I've begun to focus on personal
grooming, makeup, light and 2D design basics.  I don't want my
shows appearance to reflect a lack of care or effort, which might
detract from the content.

As with addressing points of optimal video codecs and page design,
audio/visual technicalities, I think this list can help potential
vloggers by pointing them towards
basics resources for leveraging their personal physical assets, how to
make their faces and bodies look more visually appealing.  I bet most on
the list are more geek than glam.  Many of us have personal aesthetic
issues we wish to address before being on forever TV.

I saw adverts for mineral makeup on TV, and grooming tips on about.com.
I've searched and came up with articles providing tips for those who are
going on TV in front of studio lights, and read about set design
(include carpentry in your terms).  In discussions of old vs new model
TV, are folk throwing the `babe out with the bath-water?


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