I'm one of those people who peer in from a (very) busy life now and
again... happened to see the original post by KillerB and was moved
deeply. Anne Walk also has a LOT to say about the issue, too. Way to
go, Anne! This is one bloke who listened intently to your entire last
video post on the issue.

The underlying truth of continuing horrendous suffrage of women
worldwide (and in western world in varying degrees of blatant
oppression). What I find interesting to do is compare the spirit that
oppresses women in the worldwide sex-slave trade (see
http://www.coe.int/T/E/human_rights/trafficking/ for one group aware
of it) to this golfing ***hole who hit the boards looking for his own
brand of slave. What's really the diff? Both trades oppress and
disregard the fundamental value of a human for their own selfish gain.

Just cos women raised on Glamour have a certain stockholm syndrome
with their captors doesn't make the hostage-taking right.

Anyways. Check my post - http://atomsound.blogspot.com/ - where I
weigh in through my Canon S2IS.

Cheers to those on the boards here who love liberty and are willing to
fight for (or at least talk about) it.

And to you "blokes" who don't give a crap about what a woman thinks...


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