Sorry, I should have been clearer.

I want to avoid displaying the active-x box that opens in Internet
Explorer when I post a video.

And I want the QuickTime movie to start playing as soon as it
can--while it is still downloading--rather than delaying until it is
fully downloaded before it plays.

The Freevlog popup maker does that very well for non-programmers like
myself. But the movie opens up in a popup window that sits in the
corner of the currrent window. I would like to open up a new,
full-sized window entirely.

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> > I know Michael Verdi and others solved the active-x/unprogressive
> > download problem with their popup maker (yay Freevlog), but is there a
> > version that opens up in a new full-sized window rather than a sized
> > popup? I'd just like to have the option of either a popup or
> > full-sized window.
> What is the "active-x/unprogressive download problem"?
> Popping off new windows is done w/ _javascript_...
>'url to open','window name','attribute1,attribute2');
> More info here...
> The "option" of sized vs. full could be done with 2 text/graphic links
> or a form (select) dropdown that submits on change rather then needed
> a submit button.
> -Matt

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