I'm in the process of setting up a "Business Vlog"
although I haven't done a video yet.  I've got a few
videos planned but I've been extra busy.

My first video was about the Town's Recycling program
but unfortunatly the town pulled the program when some
residents were... Abusing the freedom of the system.

Although my next set of advertizing is already done
and will be going out soon and it does direct people
to visit my website and check out some videos so I
need to get of my rear and get working.

Vlogging and Business can indeed go hand in hand, from
tutorials, to advertizing, to business updates.  Video
is such a great medium and the internet is such a
great distribuition method.

I'm in Real Estate and I can't think of a better way
to answer real estate questions, do tutorials, show
the area, show specific properties.  I'm working on a
set of Real Estate Tutorials now.. How to get your
house sold in this new market.  I think people will
enjoy them, and more importantly it will hopefully
make people see me as more of an expert as the next

I'll post to the group when I get my website

Right now it's online in an incomplete state and
thanks to some area flooding it's gettings some
attention on the backend today.

Although you never did mention what business you're in
and how you plan on using vlogging in your business?


http://www.AskBergeron.com <- that would be the Real
Estate Website.
http://www.TheRamblingLoggerhead.com <- That would be
the personal vlog.

--- jim stewart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi All
> Sorry for my absence - been busy here in Melbourne.
> About a year ago I asked on this list about business
> vlogs. The response
> back then was fairly underwhelming. Has it changed?
> If you are a business
> vlogger please let me know as I would like to link
> to you. My own business
> vlog is on SEO.
> Thanks
> Jim Stewart
> You can IM here as well
> ICQ 7886979
> Yahoo j_a_stewart
> AIM jimb00t

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