Secrets of Videoblogging.

This 200 page glossy and full color book brings you the world of
Videoblogging by your well-known Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson. It
is obviously not written for the already hardcore videoblogger
although it would be a must have just to see if you covered everything
and know what is out there. This is your perfect birthday-gift for
anyone who would get their blog enhanced to a vlog. It was also a good
vision to promote firefox and why it is way more favorable then IE
(Internet explorer) If you do not know why, then there is already a
reason to buy this book. At the time of writing the authors did not
know about the annoying Activex workaround was coming up. 

You can read this book while skipping chapters and  going back and
forth. Do not expect in depth explanation of everything under the sun.
It is more an introduction of everything. However a very often asked
question about how to create a screenshot on a PC or MAC is explained
in a very visual and easy way.

You can follow the book maintaining a low budget. It gives you the
best options like iMovie and Moviemaker, as it is free software. It
leads you thru websites for hosting your vlog, hosting your video's,
RSS feeds, aggregation, sound effects, titels, tagging, creative
common and many many more things we all do with our vlogs or should do
it up to you.

A very complete book for the beginning videoblogger but for the rugged
vlogger a must have without a doubt we all want to know how to explain
videoblogging the easy way and that just what they did. 

Thanks Michael and Ryanne it is a pleasure to have this book, I keep it.

Blips videoblogging resources.


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