I seem to have a serious problem that needs some heavy duty geek
advice, so I ask forgiveness for this off-topic post. It's just you all
are my favorite geeks, and I don't know where else to turn :-(

The spammers have snatched up my jensimmons.com domain, and used it to
forge addresses on their emails. It's been happening for a long long
time, but in the last month, they've _really_ used my domain a LOT (I
know this because I am daily getting dozens of rejected email notices
for spam emails sent from ajdiv @ jensiimmons.com, baovzmr @
jensimmmmons.com, etc etc. All crap fake email addresses...  well,
except with my name spelled right -- I'm writing it wrong here to
prevent more spam.)

The thing is, now all the email I send from jen aat jenssimmons.com is
being rejected from the big email houses. Like I just tried to send an
email to a gmail account -- rejected. I've apparently been completely
banned from gmail. The other day I sent an email to 10 addresses at one
time, including yahoo and hotmail and gmail addresses, and it bounced
from almost all of them. It's very annoying and getting scary --
basically I'm getting labeled by everyone as a spammer and I'm not a

I have my own server (Redhat Linux) which hosts jensimmons.com among
other sites. I do not have Spam Assassin installed ('cause I don't know
how to do it / I don't know UNIX), so I get a ton of spam. I expect
that spammers are not actually running anything through my box, so I
can't block them or stop them from my end -- is this right?? Or maybe
I'm misunderstanding what is happening, and I can do something --
install something / report something....

so that's my question, what can I do to stop these spammers from
stealing my identity, and to get back to where I can email people again
at gmail / hotmail / yahoo / aol / etc??????



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