around the 18/5/06 Jen Simmons mentioned about [videoblogging] help
needed with spam identity theft !! (of that:
>I have my own server (Redhat Linux) which hosts among
>other sites. I do not have Spam Assassin installed ('cause I don't know
>how to do it / I don't know UNIX), so I get a ton of spam. I expect
>that spammers are not actually running anything through my box, so I
>can't block them or stop them from my end -- is this right?? Or maybe
>I'm misunderstanding what is happening, and I can do something --
>install something / report something....

you probably have open mail relay on your mail server. this lets
anyone use it to send their email through from anywhere else, much
beloved of spammers. <URL: > should be able to help
(if this is the problem). you need to ensure your mail server only
sends from known (legitimate) accounts.
Adrian Miles
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