David Meade wrote:

On 5/19/06, Charles HOPE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Nevertheless, it looks like Charles K. wins this round. The Bill of Rights restricts government power; Net Neutrality restricts the power of the People (who own and control the wires).

Says you. :-P

Going back and forth on definitions is interesting debate, but I'm still not willing to say "Net Neutrality is about government regulation of the Internet"

I'm still saying "No, its about Government protection of the Internet".

This seems weasely. Why not admit that it is regulation for the Good Cause of Protecting the Internet from Evil?

Another interesting debate on definition would be "The People" ... I guess I'm not willing consider huge corporate conglomerates as "The People" ... and therefore refuse to consider Net Neutrality as a regulation of The People.

The standard distinction is drawn between public and private entities. You're using nonstandard terminology. What's wrong with the typical language?

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