Did you have Akismet activated? Do you now have both? Or did you have nothing and now you have Spam-Karma?

I finally did get Akismet turned on. It just worked when I tried it again. I also upgraded my Wordpress to 2.2 (from 1.5) finally on my main site. When I checked for spam this weekend, I had over 1500 spam comments on jensimmons.com -- GOD. It's one thing to have 100 or so, a pain to clear out, but oh well. But when it's 1500 -- with less then half being caught by Wordpress itself (which meant I had to delete them all individually in sets of 20) -- it was time to take some serious action.

I'm wondering do people like Akismet or Spam-Karma better? And /or is it possible to run both?


On May 22, 2006, at 9:02 AM, Michael Verdi wrote:

Hey Blips,
That Spam-Karma really did the trick!

On 5/18/06, vlogassist <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
I asume you are using WordPress, I use Spam-Karma for about 3 years on
my blog and now also on my vlog, it takes care of comment spam and
track back spam 99% of the time.

It is a very easy plugin, upload it, activate it and it works like a

Link to the plugin;

http://vlogassist.com videoblogging resources.

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