Google AdSense is lucrative if you have a high-traffic site, more so if you have a few high-traffic niche sites.  It's not propaganda in the least.  Google is one of the main reasons more TV advertising dollars are being diverted towards the Internet, thanks to their text ads.  I'm not sure this idea is going to work, but if it does that means even less money for TV ads. 

The fear that it will lead to more videoblogs having ads on them isn't realistic.  If a videoblogger has enough traffic to warrant putting some kind of PPC ads up, and they have decided to do such, I don't think having a video ad will either impel or discourage them from displaying advertising.  And if a videoblogger doesn't already have ads, because either the monetization isn't worth it or they don't like them aesthetically, then I doubt having video will change that either. 

I like the idea.  It will open up an opportunity for more creative video advertising, and possibly loosen the collars of the stiffs in the boardroom who shoot down all the good ideas.  With net video ads, companies can test out several campaigns at once before deciding on which to run on TV, which is still the big market of course.  That opens the doors up to smaller boutique creative firms like waverlyfilms et al. and us ;)

I could be wrong about all of this, of course.  Except that first part about AdSense being lucrative, them's just facts.

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