I tried cliking the credit card buttons on the donate box but all i got was some text script on a new page...

On 5/25/06, Richard (Show) Hall < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The idea is great and the project is great.

I like human-dog a lot and I especially like videos involving Garrett.

In fact, I spoke with Chris about this at vloggercue this summer and the told me about the project and I said that, if I had the money, I would fund it. I don't have enough money, but I have a little money, so what a cool opportunity.

What's more, I wanted to pledge $20, but ended up pledging $40, due to a "mistake" in negotiating the UI.

However, I know the real reason that I pledged $40 and that's because God intended me to, and who am I to argue with God.

... Richard the pious

Josh Leo


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