You can geovlog here for now...

Whether you get paid to make the video is another issue, but soon
mobile devices combined with GeoRSS will revolutionize the way we
search/consume content.  The advertising opportunities are like
nothing we've ever seen before.


--- In, "Mike Moon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We've been talking lately about how vloggers could raise funds or make
> money. As a vlogger, I have the knowledge, equipment and abilities to
> put video on the internet.
> I'm tossing around the idea of approaching local buisnesses with an
> oportunity for them to be leading edge into the world of geovlogging.
> Hire me and I could go into their bar, hotel or shop, be my Joe
> Public, shoot some vid, put it on the web, and tada... $$$.
> Any thoughts on the idea?
> Mike

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