Hi Matt,

From what I recall, RoR is already installed in the Dreamhost 
environment. You can simply login and create a Rails app from the 
command line. If you're running OSX, I recommend downloading 
Locomotive (http://locomotive.raaum.org/) and trying RoR out. If you 
need a couple of kick-starters (app wise), feel free to email me off 



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> Thanks for posting this Markus!  I've been itching to learn more about
> Ruby on Rails but haven't had the time to install it on Dreamhost.
> Any tips on making the learning process easier?  There are numerous
> howtos out there (approx. 1 each day on Digg), but most are for people
> who already have RoR experience.  I started to go through the tutorial
> on Dreamhost's wiki, but it "assumes you know how rails apps work and
> just need to get one working on your Dreamhost account."
> http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Rails
> Maybe I just need to put some more effort into it, but it is more my
> style to get the app running w/ some sample code and let the hacking
> begin from there.
> Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
> -Matt
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