> I have just started my vlog last month, and have posted around 7
> videos so far.

Wow.  And here I am with three in one month and feeling pretty good! :)

> How often do people post vlogs?  Is it daily, once a week, a couple
> of times a week?  I have not been in the community long enough to figure
> this out yet by following the RSS feeds.

There is no major rule.  It seems people post to their vlogs when they
have something they feel like posting.  I was pulling a post a week for a
while, but the last post faced both technical challenges and challenges to
my skills, and it's been six weeks in the making at this point.

> I have been checking out my "visitors" via sitemeter, but I don't
> seem to have that many.

Well, the only way to improve that is to get out on more directories and
syndication systems.

> I don't want to post videos faster than they get viewed, but if I
> have no viewers, should I still post videos?

Making them is always good practice, and if you are feeling good about
making them, then keep making them.

I haven't checked my site statistics in weeks, either.


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