I have a _javascript_ thing in the works that uses semantic HTML like that.

In the first version of the script (which coincidentally I'm going to try an release this week... depending on how busy I am with work) you make videos like so...

<a class="video" href="">

In the next version, it allows for more semantics, so that you can add thumbnails (as well as width, height, etc), like...

<span class="video">
    <a class="video:href" href="">
    <img class="video:thumbnail" src="" " />

    (<span class="video:width">640</span>x<span class="video:height">480</span>)


After that, I'm adding the ability to specify alternatives (of the same thing... like if you were to offer a video in mutliple formats or different resolutions, etc).  And being able specify a series (where the show is made up of a series of videos,... for example, part 1 or 3, part 2 or 3, part 3 or 3.)

(If you want to see an incomplete demo with debug messages everywhere let me know.)

See ya

On 5/30/06, David Meade < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
an idea just hit me out of the blue ... it may be stupid, or it may be already done, but I figured this group could let me know on either ...

You know how we have rel=enclosure for links in a post that should be enclosed in a feed ...
how about a new micro-format for rel=media:thumbnail

rel=media:thumbnail   could be added to an image in a post so that this image could be included as the still image for the MRSS extension.

services like blip which cross post to your blog could include the rel=media:thumbnail automatically and feedburner could then insert that image into your MRSS info (feedburner already inserts some MRSS in there).

I've got a few cool ideas in the back of my head on ways to consume a feed, but a few of them would work far better if I KNEW what image the blogger wanted to use to represent thier video/audio file.  This sort of solution would allow for a much broader adoption of the media:thumbnail element in RSS.

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