I was search for video that I shot for a project.  I had the camera on the arm of my couch.  I popped the tape out and had the Pansonic PV-GS19 open for my next tape. 

I turned.  The camera fell to the floor. Carpet on the floor but fell it did.  Not even a hard fall but there you go. It now has a grinding sound and will not open. The tape doo-hickey will not rise to accept tape. This just happened at 9:30pm.

It is toast. Busted. Kaput. I checked and most placed are talking $200+ to fix, not counting shipping and handling. I only paid about $400 for it in December 2005. It really isn't worth it to have it fixed.

Damnation.  I have to have a camcorder. I'm helping a library get their blog up and shot video so I have to decide and get it quick.  I've had really bad luck with this camcorder. It was a turkey from the get-go but I made got it to work. No reflection on the Panasonic brand - I have a Panasonic still digi-cam that I love but in the words of the Dr. Zachary Smith...

the pain, oh the pain...

So if you have any suggestions on an under $500 camcorder and why you like it I am open to the possible. I need a compact size, tape based (but open to other recording media except DVD) 20+ optical zoom and easy to use with on hand. I will get it on Friday so I will be checking in to see what the group mind has to offer.

Coming out of excessive misery,


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