My goal had been 1 three-minute episode per week.  It's been quite
impossible so far.  There are many 3d animators posting on the web,
but I hadn't been aware of anyone doing it on a regular schedule.
Currently I'm working on an episode which includes samples from 2
other 3d animators. With editing and my part I still can't manage the
1/wk goal.


--- In, johnie tidwell
> I work with a few animators, but most of them are not working within
a strict delivery schedule- due to the amount of workload needed to
produce and design art for their animated online series...although
College University-  creators seems to have a
consistent schedule for their animation - depends on their
availability of free time to complete their shorts. 
>   There are definitely more online animations out there floating in
the internet.
>   JT
> ojjolly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   I'm a 3d animator.  Don't use blender though.  I was wondering if
> there were any other 3d animators on the list.  Would love to discuss
> the topic of 3d animation vs. "timely" vlogging.  Topic may be more
> suited for off list.
> OJ
> The Silicon Soul Show

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