Without any software or other mods the 20GB (8/2005 purchase) model
iPod records with the following specs:

bit rate = 128 KBps
sample rate = 8000 kHz
format = wav

Bill, the notion that there's a way to increase the sample rate is very
exciting indeed. The 44.1 kHz to which you refer is not "bit rate" but
"sample rate", e.g. how many times per second the record head passes
over the recording medium.

128 KBps is very good for our purposes, but without a better sample
rate, it might as well be 64 KBps, kinda thin and doesn't hold up
through editing well.

Look forward to more information about this.


On Jun 1, 2006, at 7:29 AM, Bill Streeter wrote:

> The 5G ipods can record high bit rate audio at 44.1Khz but the only
> third party product that I can find that will allow you to do this
> is the Belkin Tune Talk (http://www.belkin.com/pressroom/images/?
> sid=55) and it doesn't seem to be widely available yet. None of the
> old 3rd party recording products will work with this ipod, and Apple
> doesn't make one either.
> Bill Streeter
> www.lofistl.com

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