xoxox, Bekah.

I know how you feel.

This thread almost put me over the edge, too. Went straight to being
personally insulted. Then remembered not to take much of anything
anywhere from anybody personally.

We can all use a periodic reminder that deleting threads in their
entirety is not only okay but often part of wise newsgroup strategy.

You're okay. I'm okay. Shannon's okay.

Comes with the newsgroup territory.

See ya in SF.


P.S. Shannon is a fella. :)
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On Jun 4, 2006, at 4:26 PM, missbhavens1969 wrote:

> Ahhh, yes. That was it. That was the one. I knew it would happen
> sooner or later. The
> message thread that might finally  shove me clear over the edge as far
> as this board is
> concerned.
> I used to consult the board a lot. There's lots of handy info and tons
> of cool people who
> want to help out. Sometimes there's some neat heated debates going on,
> but too
> frequently there are just bitchy, snappish back-and-forths, wild "oh,
> but it's so hard to
> interpret what you really meant in print! Oooh, isn't text just so
> ineffective?!"-type
> misunderstandings, snippity-do-da's and one-line zingers that clutter
> up this space and
> make it feel like a high school..no, wait: a Junior High School
> cafeteria. Wait: An All-Girls
> Junior High School Cafeteria (yeah, and that's not sexist. If anyone
> here has spend any
> time around 8th grade girls you know what I'm talking about here). I
> go away for the
> weekend and come home to quicky scroll through the messages and find
> this half-baked,
> faux-profound, vlogger-baiting bullshit? An "I'm so shallow, you're so
> shallow, too"
> thread? Why would anyone want to participate in that? That didn't feel
> like an invitation to
> a conversation about the meaning of "meaning", and the subsequent
> posts sure didn't
> read like productive conversation and  I'm damn surprised so many
> people joined in the
> non-fun.  "...making salad" ?  "...takes a meaningless swing." ?
> "...casey only stepped in to
> make a point that casey exists" ?  I feel like we've got this message
> group chock full of
> people who have are hell-bent on communication via videoblogging or
> otherwise and yet I
> look at this board and I'm astonished at the consistent lack of
> communication!
>  I don't feel the need to defend my apparent lack of depth to someone
> who asks her
> questions in some bizarre haiku-ish format just because she saw a
> video that made her go
> "oooooooh" and she realized that so many other videos don't make her
> go "ooooooh", and
> I'm not posting this message to prove I exist. What are you getting
> at? I post therefore I
> am? Take that desperatly-wishing-to-be-existential, cranky, vague,
> meaningless thread
> about meaning and cram it.
> You know what? Kiss my vlog-ass. Ponder that.
> I've hit my message-board wall.
> And, no...I won't likely vlog about it. It would probably end up
> shallow since all we're really
> doing is attaching "meaning" to meaningless things in order to "get
> what we want" from
> others.
> Bekah
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