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From: TagLoops admin
Date: Nov 17, 2006 3:06 PM
Subject: TagLoops does video

 TagLoops now allows for inclusion of flash encoded video (flv) in web
movies. So flv files addressable via public URLs can be used and remixed in
TagLoops, next to images (jpg, png, giff), audio (mp3) and XML feeds (RSS,

Editing capabilities on video is really a combination of what is possible
with images and audio:

   - place video anywhere on the web movie stage - zoom or distort.

   - edit opacity of video - make your video semi-transparent

   - select any portion of the video to play (getting the video not to
   start from the beginning of the file will cause waiting time when not used
   in combination with Flash Communication Server)

   - play video in loops

XML feeds are also video enabled, so TagLoops XML reader is now able to
recognize flash video enclosures in feeds. This enables users to create
playlists of video (videos playing one after the other), as they are
published in a feed.

This set of capabilities will remain undocumented in our
wiki<http://www.tagloops.com/wiki>for sometime, as we have more video
based features in the pipeline. However
, their use should be no problem for anyone that has gotten around in using
images and audio.

The burning question for anyone willing to use video however, will be 'How
do I get addressable flv files to use within TagLoops'. It is not common
that hosting sites provide links to flv's, as for them to play, they need to
be wrapped up in flash players (swf). There are though a few cases of video
hosts, that allow you to get access to the flv files by direct links to
every video or enclosed in their rss feeds - the most notable being
blip.tv<http://www.blip.tv/>. So if you are into video producing, you
can host your videos in blip and
use TagLoops to enrich them and create a unique experience around them, by
placing in a web movie.

In the coming weeks and months we shall be approaching video hosting sites,
so that they make their content available for using in TagLoops.

Watch this web 
that demoes current TagLoops video capabilities.

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