You got me looking at the word Imperial and what it actually means. It
really applies to countries, but tracing the term back further I guess
you are basically meaning human power, the way people get it, and the
effect it has on others, those without power?

If so, I find it interesting that people gaining power does not
necessarily say anything about their moticves or how much good they
are doing. Someone who is doing stuff to help others, whether it be
doing workshops, books, whatever, is likely to gain personally on a
number of levels, including power. Whether the power goes on to
corrupt them in some way, whether they are uncomfortable with the
power and seek to diminish it, or not use it, that comes down to
chance and genetics as much as ideology and anything else.

Id love to know more about what you are meaning, and how you think
things could be any different, given that we work with the human
nature we've got, not the nature we much yearn for.

When it comes to video communties, Ive always been interested in
whether text forum concepts could be merged with video, but with a new
angle that avoids clumsiness, sort of a cross between forums, instant
cha, mailing lists, blog vlogs, youtube clips and live internet chat.
almost like an equivalent of mobile text messaging but with video
between larger groups. Thats where Id hope to see something resembling
the idea of 'community'. I also love show type vlogs but I dont expect
 it to satisfy the human social itch in as broad and 'community' a sense.

Steve Elbows
--- In, "Eric Rice" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This weekend at PodCamp West, I'm part of a discussion about
Community Imperialism in DIY 
> Media, because frankly, I believe the state of 'communities' is crap.
> It's been a rough week, seeing everyday people invoking the DMCA,
requesting DRM to 
> protect content; open source getting attacked; watching the word
'community' get thrown 
> around when it means 'our silo'.
> And then I saw this. A 10 minute video that damn near had me in tears.
> Do you consider them videobloggers? I do. 
> And since they aren't aware of THIS community, I will completely
step outside any jurisdiction 
> and award them all a Vloggie Award. They deserve it, too.
> ER

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