Id like to see an example of any post by anybody here that has ever
suggested that you are only a videoblogger if you are in this yahoo
group. Whether you have ever read or posted to this group has
absolutely nothing to do with whether the videoblogger label is deemed
to fit you or not. And I cant actually recall people on this list
suggesting otherwise, at any time. I think its a myth that there are
really any people who take this group so seriously as to think it is a
factor in the wider scheme of things.

Sure internet groups may attact the attention of people who are
hypersensitive about the possibility of 'insider groups', 'cliquey
cool gangs', 'gaurdians of the guild', forming and claiming somethign
as their own, but I really dont think it much of an issue in reality.
Now if groups such as this have the ears of those who put on awards
shows, design products, blog about things, provide video services on
the net, etc etc, then of course the opinions of a few can have undue
influence. But in the grand scheme of things I like to think that any
distoritons like that are soon corrected, by the sheer force of the
numbers of people out there in the wider reality, actually using the
stuff (or not), far beyond the bubble here.

Steve Elbows
--- In, Peter Leppik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sull:
> I think the source of your problem is that you don't understand the  
> meaning of the words "videoblogger," "videoblogging," and  
> "videoblog."  Let me clarify these terms for you, based on what I've  
> learned from reading this list:
> VIDEOBLOGGER: One who belongs to the videoblogging group hosted at  
> Yahoo Groups.
> VIDEOBLOGGING: That activity engaged in by videobloggers.
> VIDEOBLOG: The end result of videoblogging.
> So the fundamental problem is that there's all these people on  
> YouTube who clearly aren't videobloggers (by definition), yet they  
> engage in an activity which looks suspiciously like videoblogging.
> The debate is over what to do about it,  Should we (a) reach out to  
> these people, invite them to join the videoblogging group, and  
> thereby turn them into videobloggers; or (b) make sure people  
> understand that--all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding-- 
> those people aren't videobloggers but something else.  "Youtubers"  
> maybe.
> It is a debate I expect to see continue for quite some time.
>           -Peter
> On Nov 18, 2006, at 9:07 PM, sull wrote:
> > I just finished reading this thread with a sorta confused look on  
> > my face
> > for most of it....
> > And it fitting that the last message here by Charles Hope jives  
> > with how I
> > feel.
> > This seems to be a case of over-analyzing a specific perspective of
> > communities who are using video to socialize, create, inform,  
> > entertain,
> > insult, inspire etcetera.
> >
> > As for the video. yeah its a good job making a montage of some notable
> > clips and clips that kind of express whats going on at YouTube. Add  
> > the sad
> > sounding violin and piano and booya.... Change the soundtrack to  
> > some thrash
> > metal... and you have something entirely different. But whatever.  
> > its a
> > good video and thanks for sharing it here, eric.
> >

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