Are you sure that you are shooting in Widescreen format? I shoot in
widescreen 99% of the time and have never had a problem with Premiere
Elements 3 or Final Cut Express.

If you are sure you are shooting in widescreen, try right clicking on
the file in the Available Media and select "Interpret Footage". That
should do it.


--- In, "Nox Dineen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I use Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 followed by QuickTime Pro (and
sometimes a
> freeware converter called Super to make videos for MP3/iPod
players). I just
> switched to shooting in widescreen, and had some trouble getting
Elements to
> accept it.
> I was able to change the default options for new projects to
widescreen. No
> problem, the new project opened with the little video placeholder
frames in
> the sceneline view set to 16:9 ration. But when I tried to add a clip in
> widescreen format Premiere squished it into 4:3 and added black bars
at the
> side.  :(
> I managed to get the clip widescreened (I can't seem to find the
menu option
> that I used, now that I'm looking for it). But the video quality is
> terrible. I know I changed something to do with pixel ratio, and
based on
> the lousy output quality I have to believe that was the wrong way to
do it.
> So... anyone know how to get Premiere to believe me that my 16:9 clips
> really are widescreen?
> Many thanks,
> Nox
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