Naked natives. Dancing. Eating. Suckling their young. My grandparents
thought it their duty to puchase the kids subscriptions. My parents continue
the tradition to this day. The magazine fell off my interest radar when in
the late 80's / early 90's I learned from my sister (who worked for their
printer) that their photographs were molto photoshopped. Made me too sad.

In retrospect, that sadness was the sound of my media cynicism cherry being

And yes, Dierdre, it's the truth. Thanks for refusing to believe.

:) I don't believe it either.


On 11/27/06, Gromik Tohoku <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Jan,
> I'll take on fictitious hillarious comments, but that
> one, I don't think it is true, seriously? Like what
> animal porn?
> > Lest we forget: National Geographic was soft porn
> for at least my
> > generation.
> >
> > Jan
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The Faux Press - better than real

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