Hey all,

I'm strapped for cash, awaiting the arrival of my unemployment compensation
(if I'm even approved for it), so I've decided to put my Gmini camcorder up
for sale.  Rent's behind and besides, I've decided to focus on audio
recording projects.  So I'm offering this wonderful little pocket camcorder
in the hopes that a fellow videoblogger will be interested in picking up
this camcorder device before I put it up on eBay.

I purchased the Archos Gmini 402cc earlier this year, new, and I have to
admit I've put it to the test.  I haven't dropped it or anything seriously
abusive like that -- not that I can recall, anyway -- but she's been in my
pocket and/or backpack, knocking against my keys and phone for most of the
past several months.  So her body isn't as attractive as it once was --
she's got quite a few scratches and scuffs, her paint wearing off -- but
then, the Gmini camcorder never looked all that pretty to begin with.  (Not
in comparison to the iPod(s), anyway.  However, what iPod comes with its own
built-in *camcorder*?  Pray tell...)

Body aside, she performs wonderfully.  The camera takes up to 1.2 megapixel
shots, comparable to your mid-priced cameraphones.  Yet IMO this
camcorder records *better* movies than those phones -- perhaps becasuse its
framerate is better than the phones, or perhaps the aperture is larger or
something -- I'm not certain.  One thing *is* for certain: You've got plenty
of recording space on this baby.  It's got a 20GB hard drive inside, good
for recordings months (literally, in my case) worth of footage.  Also the
battery lasts *much* longer than any current cameraphone could possibly
offer (as far as I know).  *Definitely* an advantage, especially if you like
to shoot alot of video between charges.

Though this device is marketed (or at least called) a camcorder, it's also a
multimedia player and recorder, able to store and play a variety of audio
formats -- including MP3, of course.  (And for you audiophiles: It records
wavs!  I would recommend getting an external line-level microphone, though,
if you plan on doing broadcast-quality audio recording, since the Gmini's
built-in recorder picks up everything -- too much, in my opinion, since it
picks up the sound of the hard drive spinning up/down.)  Archos sells their
own microphone accessory for the Gmini, though I'm sure you can find plenty
of other compatible mics out there.  The Gmini also plays games.  There's a
hacker community for the device, too, but I haven't mussed the firmware on
it.  (Apparently, you can upgrade the firmware and play Super Mario Bros. on
the Gmini.)

Lessee, what else...I have the original box, which includes the manual and
all of the original parts.  In fact, the only part I've really used is the
main device and it's power adapter.  So if you're interested (and you can
pay via PayPal), please make me an offer and we'll go from there.  I would
only be able to sell to someone who is able to pay right away -- the only
reason I'm selling this camcorder is because I need the cash *now*, and
don't have much else I'm willing to sell at this time.

Contact me at harold dot johnson at gmail dot com ASAP, and I'll hold off on
doing the eBay thing,
Harold James Johnson
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