Interesting. I suspect the numbers are misleading. I doubt that all
those people who have recorded a video, are actually interested in
uploading it to the web. I dont expect even a third of internet users
will become regular posters of video to the net, even if editing were
very easy. And I know lots of people who would never dream of putting
their own personal home videos onto the internet, never in a million
years - eg people who place family privacy above sharing.

I have trouble even believing that 11% of internet adults currently
upload their video to the web, no way!

Steve Elbows

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> Video Nation: Agency Finds A Majority Now Create Their Own Video,
But Few
> Post Them by Joe Mandese, Thursday, Nov 30, 2006 8:00 AM ET  IN A
> THAT UNDERSCORES the potential of a vast, untapped market for
> video, new research conducted by interactive agency Sharpe Partners
> indicates that more than half (54) percent of adult Internet users
> create their own video offline, but only 11 percent actually upload
it to
> the Internet. That margin, says Sharpe, represents a significant
> for software and system providers to help facilitate the migration of a
> burgeoning consumer generated video marketplace online. It also
suggests an
> even more profound fragmentation of the video marketplace is looming
> many industry experts may have predicted. One of the chief reasons
for the
> disparity between producing and posting video is the difficulty
> said they have with the process. The study, which was conducted
online by
> Harris Interactive, surveyed 2,125 U.S. adults between June 29 and
July 2,
> and found that more than two-thirds of those who create their own video
> found it difficult to edit their content due to the lack of
> consumer-friendly software.
> "Clearly, given easier solutions, consumers will be far more likely
to edit
> their videos," said Sharpe CEO Kathy Sharpe. "And those who edit
their video
> are presumably more likely to share it with others, which will
expand this
> market even further."
> *Joe Mandese is Editor of MediaPost.*
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