We used Michael Verdi's excellent tutorial


for compressing mpeg4 files that will work on the iPod

I know his method works, since I put files from alive in baghdad on my ipod
with no problem.

However, we followed the instructions exactly ... using the combined brains
of Maureen and I, which is AT LEAST one brain total and we checked it twice
and the file does the dreaded "won't work on iPod" thing and I have to
convert it for the iPod to get it to work and that's no fun.

There is one difference, and maybe this is it. In Michael's tutorial the
file is an uncompressed DV file from final cut pro and in our case it is an
uncompressed .avi file from Premier and we are using quicktime pro for the
PC, and Michael is using quitime pro for the mac, but all the same settings
exist on the PC version that he refers to in the tutorial in the mac version
of quicktime.

Oh yeah, the other thing is that we set the data rate to 800 rather than

For the record, this evil file is presently on blip:


Maybe someone can tell what is wrong with this file that it won't work on my

... thanks ... Richard


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