When something reaches "critical mass" which I think YT has, it 
becomes an entity of it's own, takes on a life of it's own.  The 
sheer amount of Main Stream Media coverage that YT gets is staggering 
when compaired to other forms of online media.  When I read about 
blip, or bloggers or vloggers it is usually in "tech" magizines, like 
PC World, CNet, etc, MOST of the arricles that I see about YT come 
from the MSM, THAT is what "regular" people are reading and 
watching.  let's face it if you are on this group or one similar you 
are NOT a "regular" person, (and I don't mean that in a bad way) but 
for the average person, I really think YT is online video.

Now that doesn't mean it is the only source or the only way to go, 
but it is a force and a very powerful one.  

Look at it this way Microsoft is not the best operating system out 
there, most people know that but when most people think of computers 
they think of PC's and mircosoft, not Apple and while Apple is great 
and has a strong following, it by far is eclipsed by MS.....because 
that is what people know, they made it easy, YT has made it easy and 
to most ease of use will always win the day.

but that is just my opinion  ;) 

I will look at the article this evening when I have time to really 
read and digist it, look forward to it....


And yes Josh, the Ipod is better....but the creative Zen I just got 
is pretty nifty as well..  ;)

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Everyone said, "That needs to go on YouTube", this from guys and 
> > in age from 20 something to over 50, "This needs to go on
> > YouTube"....NOT "hey put it on your site or upload it to blip or
> > Revver", or whatever, no it HAS to go on YouTube.....
> [...]
> > Maybe I am wrong, I want to be wrong in some ways but I gotta say
> > based on my very informal "test"...the YouTube "debate" is 
> I think that, while you're touching on a point, it's not 100% the 
> I wrote a massive LiveJournal post on how I see the "economics" of
> blogging working, which is the long form and context of what I'm 
going to
> say here.  If you're interested on my thoughts, you can find it at
> http://cuplan.livejournal.com/256364.html#cutid1
> Basically, though, I think that it's a bit post hoc ergo propter 
hoc to
> suggest that YouTube is online video.  While it has, for now, 
become a big
> brand name for people, I don't think that, in the terms of "the 
> of blogging" as I see them, that YouTube is actually the end-all 
when it
> comes to carving out a name for yourself in online video.  Consider 
> MySpace or LiveJournal or whatnot is considered the one-stop 
location for
> blogging, too, but the most popular blogs are kept on the sites of 
> creators.
> So, much like I think someone with a lot of creativity needs to use 
> MySpace page as part of their marketing plan, I also think that a
> successful online video producer will vastly benefit by throwing a 
> bones on YouTube.  At the end of the day, though, YouTube doesn't 
> me as where you ant to make camp...just a place to visit and promote
> yourself.
> --
> Rhett
> http://www.weatherlight.com/freetime

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