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Let me check with engineering. We are currently moving our data center
which may have thrown off our response time. We'll figure this out and
I'll get back with you ASAP. Thanks for the post!


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> What are the odds?! I just logged into my email account to post a
> about Veoh, hopefully you can help.
> I turned on the feature that allows Veoh to collect videos from my
RSS feed
> and post them, and I want to turn it off. I have emailed support several
> times without receiving a reply, combed the FAQ and user panel, and
I can't
> figure out how to get Veoh to *stop* collecting my videos.
> Thanks,
> Nox
> On 12/4/06, viraltheshow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >   Hey all! I'm new to the Yahoo Videoblogging Group- just found out
> > about it a few weeks ago¬Ö such a great resource! I've seen several
> > posts recently about Veoh Networks and, since I work for the company,
> > I thought I'd give you an inside look at who we are and what we're
> > trying to accomplish.
> >
> > First- just a little bit about myself. I don't come from a corporate
> > background; my background is in television news. I left that business
> > because it lacked the creative freedom I needed. About a year ago I
> > started doing independent projects where I had complete control of the
> > content and production quality. Then, this past summer, I discovered
> > videoblogging. This literally changed everything for me. Finally, a
> > way for creators to show their projects as they originally intended-
> > without editors or news directors getting in the way! I was instantly
> > hooked and started a daily videoblog that I taped out of my backyard
> > called "Anchor in PJs"- where I talked about silly news headlines in
> > my pajamas (episodes are still available at Veoh.com
> >
> > I discovered Veoh after videoblogging for about two months. I emailed
> > Veoh and told them about my show. Less than 24 hours later, I was
> > sitting in their office answering questions about how they could
> > better serve people producing content for the internet. A couple weeks
> > later, they offered me a job as their "Publisher Advocate". At the
> > same time, I was talking with a couple other video sharing sites about
> > a possible partnership. So, I had to seriously consider my options. I
> > was determined to go with the company that I felt had the most to
> > offer creators. I chose Veoh.
> >
> > It's no secret, Veoh isn't the first pretty girl at the party.
> > Videobloggers already have a list of preferred sites and new video
> > sharing sites are popping up everyday. It's been a challenge to
> > differentiate our company from everyone else. Our official marketing
> > statement is this "We provide the easiest way for high-quality video
> > creators to find their audience online". So what exactly does that
> > mean? It means we're not YouTube and were not just a video sharing
> > site. We believe there are a large group of creators out there that
> > don't fit what mainstream media is currently looking for. We provide a
> > place for those creators on all ends of the spectrum to showcase their
> > work. Everything from network pilot shows who never had a chance to
> > air their full season - to cooking shows your Aunt Gertrude produces
> > as part of her videoblog. We're reinventing television by eliminating
> > the filters behind mainstream media. We give you the platform and you
> > produce the product.
> >
> > By focusing our product toward creators, Veoh is poising itself to
> > become a very successful company. Veoh has an incredible staff (truly
> > the best of the best in television, marketing and engineering) with
> > nearly 50 employees in offices such as San Diego, Los Angeles and St.
> > Petersburg, Russia. Just having investors such as Michael Eisner
> > (former CEO of Disney) and Time Warner proves that we have a great
> > product and a bright future. Having said that, people don't usually
> > become successful without making a few mistakes along the way. The
> > important thing is you learn from your mistakes and you don't make
> > them again. The truth is, I don't know what mistakes Veoh has made in
> > the past, but I do know they're making every effort to build this
> > company and network the right way. As Publisher Advocate, it's my job
> > to ensure those mistakes aren't made in the future.
> >
> > I've been involved in media all my life. Nothing has given me more
> > satisfaction than working with Veoh to help publishers succeed in a
> > new and evolving medium. I absolutely love my job. That's the honest
> > truth- there is no smoke and mirrors. Please contact me and let me
> > know what I can do to help you succeed. We'll do everything we can to
> > make it happen.
> >
> > Sunny Gault
> > Publisher Advocate
> > Veoh Networks
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] <sgault%40veoh.com>
> >
> > 
> >
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