Haha Ha Ha!

I trumped you all.

I just regestered

vlogsex .com .net and .org

and pornvlogs

and vlogporn

and free vlog sex

and free video blog sex

and every one of the 20,0000 derivative of vlog an sex and cash and
free I could.

Your domains are now worthlist.

I'm going to be the king of vlog porn and get rich quick vlogging!

Domain name hoarding, and it is hoarding, much as I don't want to be
mean... is very, very much a pointless endevor.

It would not even be worth an individuals time and trouble to go about
cordinating the transfer of ownership of these domains, when they can
just go to godaddy or someplace and in to seconds regester a domain
for $7.

And people wonder why all the "web2.0" sites have domain names like
odeo, and flickr, and mefeedia, and zoomr, and on and on and on.

The namespace and domain space (.net, .com, etc) is pretty much infinite.

When you domain name hoard it's a technique in finincial terms cald
hedging, like hedge funds or hedging with options...  With domain
names you're litterally hedging your bets against an the infinte pool,
that's growing more infinite everyday. I can't say this across the
board is a bad idea... because there were some good domain names, but
generally speaking it's an increasingly loosing value proposition.

Early domain name traders made money because they bought up names like
Eddiebauer and coke and cocacola... and most of them got sued
anyway... those gold rush days of picking a wining horse in this space
are done. Because there's litterally an infinite amount of horses and
the past winners are all off the market.

Welcome to vloglandia.


On 12/5/06, schlomo rabinowitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ok Dan, I finally looked at your site and I am very interested in the
> following addys.
> Your list inspired me to make that leap into the fray, construct some
> shows and fulfill my artistic potential while making a living.
> I hope I'm offering enough, but if not, we can make some sort of deal
> in profit-sharing.  Believe me when I say this:  This is easy money in
> the bag.  You see that bag?  ITS FULL OF MONEY PICK IT UP.
> For $40 each:
> PLASTICSURGERYVLOGS.COM - I've seen that Doctor 90210 (have you seen
> it:  http://www.eonline.com/on/shows/dr90210/), and I think something
> that really delves into the heart of pastic surgery will revolutionize
> this new medium.  It's a belly chockfull of dough and I'm going to
> give it a tummytuck and suck out all the loot.
> VLOGGINGFORCASH.COM - this is the moneymaker.  It can go in so many
> ways my head feels like its spinning.  It's a gameshow; it's a
> tutorial; its Tony Robbins for Web2.0.  I can't believe someone hasn't
> picked it up yet.
> VOYEURVLOGS.COM - I can't believe you haven't gotten rid of this yet.
> I have enough footage to fill this site up but full.  Seriously.
> MONEY.  Here.  In this site.  I can make a network of Vloggers that
> will produce the content for this without breaking a sweat.  Everyone
> likes the Gonzo style of voyeurism, and this ties with many of the
> people who post videoblogs.
> Let me know where we go from here.  These are the domains I've been
> waiting for to make that big leap into full-featured Internet
> Television.
> thanks
> Schlomo
> http://schlomolog.blogspot.com
> http://hatfactory.net
> http://evilvlog.com
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