sull wrote:
> has had there videoblogging by webcam service out for
> probably almost 2 years now.

johnleeke wrote:
 > Chris Car in Montreal has had his video posting website:
 > up for nearly a year, where you can now post replies by audio and
 > video too. This is vloging and video replies directly from your webcam.

That's true... the Macromedia Flash Communications Server (now the Adobe 
Flash Media Server) has enabled two-way audio/video communication for 
years. The first person to do a commenting app like this was Phillip 
Kerman, back in May 2002:

For me, the signficance of this piece of YouTube news is the movement 
past static, one-way video, into true multi-party, interactive 
communications. The TV model helped during the first stages of casual 
video, but there's an awful lot of room to grow yet.

Grant Skinner has been doing some of the most innovative interactive 
webcam work... if you've got a webcam on your computer, and a recent 
version of Adobe Flash Player 9, then see how he adds interactive 
graphics programming to turn you into The Human Torch, or have 
snowflakers settle on your arms:


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