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20 Smart Companies to Start Now
Howard Schultz, Steve Case, Vinod Khosla, and other major investors
are sharing their best startup ideas. And they're willing to give a
collective $100 million to the entrepreneurs who can make them happen.
Helping Vlogs to Flog

The Investor: Steve Krausz, general partner, U.S. Venture Partners

What he's backed: PodTech Network, Verity, Vontu

What he wants now: A matchmaking site that brings new forms of
advertising to one of the Web's fastest-growing new phenomena, the
video blog. Popular vlog Rocketboom got the concept off the ground
earlier this year by auctioning off 15-second house-produced ads at
the end of its Web newscasts; then-host Amanda Congdon also wore
T-shirts from startups eager for exposure.

Krausz wants a startup that can offer a clearinghouse of placement
opportunities from major advertisers like Apple (Charts) and Nike
(Charts) - from 10-second trailers to insertion of products in the
creative. Videos would be subject to screening and approval by the
advertiser, but Krausz thinks that's a service that could eventually
be outsourced. Payment to vloggers could be negotiated any number of
ways: They could receive fees based on impressions, click-throughs, or
both. The startup, of course, would take a healthy cut. "It would
allow this explosion of user-generated content to get an additional
revenue stream," Krausz says. "Nothing like this exists yet."

What he'll invest: $2 million for a proof-of-concept site and sign-on
from a handful of top advertisers

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