I'd be curious to hear why you think it's a bad idea?

Vlog networks are inevitable. PodTech is a podcast network of sorts.

There are a lot of people making "shows" that want to do that for
a living. Many of them spend all of their time making great content,
but have no time or perhaps expertise in business or infrastructure
or promotion. There are a lot of potential advantages for those folks
to band together, or otherwise be part of a larger network that can
do all of that for them and probably bring a bigger audience, too.

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> Okay I soon foudn this on businessweek:
> http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/techbeat/archives/2006/10/
> Oh how I am reassured, not...
> "Here's where this gets really interesting: Pulver believes that, in
> 2007, we'll see the rise of a new TV network that will eventually
> compete with the likes of NBC, ABC and CNN. He believes that this new
> TV network will be Web-based. And he hopes it will be Network2.tv."
> Is this an accurate statement about the goals of network2? I dont even
> know where to start with tearing this apart, I'm sure I'll get round
> to it soon.
> Cheers
> Steve Elbows
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> > After further consideration I think part of the problem is that parts
> > of your messages and confirmation emails to people sound a bit
> arrogant. 
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