Good listener you are, Chris. Thank you. We're brusque, but at least there
are no billable hours attached to our "suggestions".

`Merry Merry.

On 12/18/06, [] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   So, we were working like crazy today to address concerns you've raised
> through here, EvilVlog, and in private emails.
> First, thank you. Thanks for your discussion, for your passion, for
> your interest in keeping the community strong and vibrant. I
> appreciate your conversation, your input, your thoughts on everything.
> It's been really good having more minds in the conversation.
> Collaboration can be very helpful.
> Here's what we've done today towards making it better:
> #1) Opt-In - We've posted that we're going to fix this. We'll move to
> opt-in, and we'll continue to reach out to people we've added, and
> make sure everyone's okay with our effort. We'll work fast on this.
> #2.) Permalinks - These fell off in the relaunch, but what we did
> today is even better, I feel. Check out this page as a sample:
> (an episode of Batman Geek)
> We've included a big fat "Visit Website" next to the show name. We
> display the Original Post, the Original Media, the Visit Website link
> again over to the right. We've put the original blog post underneath
> the video screen (though it looks like we have to tweak presentation-
> whoops), with yet another link to original post.
> We've removed the "Comments" field because it might be confused to be
> similar to a blog comments field, not a show review (what do you think
> of Batman Geek) field, as we'd intended. (We're open to better ideas
> how to work that field).
> If you think this is a step in the right direction, let me know. We're
> working our head off to make sure people's concerns are addressed, and
> that we're doing right by the majority of folks. (Can't please
> EVERYONE, but I sure don't want 2451 enemies).
> ONE NOTE: Our developers have the next two weeks off, after logging
> several 90+ hour weeks. The rework we've done today is all I can get
> through until they've had lots of beers and sand. Please bear with me
> on that.
> Best to you and yours,
> --Chris...

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