Funny you said that, Mark.

When I saw the cover i thought them was who they really meant.

It's always Us v Them, and over the last couple years I've begun to  
realize that the real dangerous entity on the planet is You; we are  
the new Other.

If you take a real cynical view of the goings on in real politik: GM  
Foods, 'Free Markets', War for Profit, Environmentalism, and a host  
of other 1st tier global issues, and it is the people of the world  
that are the real impediment to gaining or keeping a monopoly on power.

So I agree with you, Mark. Way to boil it down.


On Dec 18, 2006, at 10:38 AM, mark raheja wrote:

> from deep inside the echo chamber, it's hard to disagree with 'us'
> being Time's People of the Year.
> but to state the obvious: the main reason this is the case is because
> we scare the living crap out of *them*, specifically. we scare the
> living crap out of them because their business model is at risk. no
> cultural/informational/socio-economic phenomenon has ever been as
> hyper-relevant to the people who make this annual decision as this
> one. in fact...if anyone watched the CNN recap of Time's choice for
> 2006, you'll remember a part where about 40 people are sitting in a
> room and one of them points out the irony in celebrating the very
> people that are threatening their jobs. [paraphrasing...the internet
> has stolen my memory...]
> Kim Jong Il may be one threatening dude [unless you've watched Team
> America: World Police], but he ain't as directly threatening to the
> owners & staff of Time Magazine as you are.
> -M
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