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> The article says that supercrosslive.com "had been providing direct
> links to the live audiocasts of motorcycle racing events."
> Of course CNN wants a page link because it contains advertising... But
> direct links should be fine.  Anyone should be able to link (not
> necessarily embed) any file that is public on the Internet.
> -Matt
> http://vlogmap.org

Of course, I agree with that.  It may be a semantics issue.

If motogp.com is broadcasting the race live right now, you should be able to 
post a link to 
that race, basically saying "the race is on right now, and here it is ->".  You 
should NOT be 
able to embed their feed on your site as if you were the one with the time, 
money and 
connections to bring this race live to the fans on the internet.

It's not clear from the text of the original post what supercrosslive.com was 
actually doing.

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