> Here in Japan most people feel no desire to immortalize themselves
> outside of their small circle. Maybe it's a vestige of Buddhist fatalism.

"Deru kugi wa utareru" translates as "the nail which sticks out gets
hammered down", similar to the "tall poppy" saying in Australia:

Tom Gosse wrote:
> My former employer decided to move all their documentation (procedures,
> schematics, etc) to electronic media and thrash all the paper copies.  In
> less than five years they found they had WordPerfect files they couldn't
> open, and Adobe dxf files that wouldn't open in newer versions of AutoCAD.
> The engineers on board the USS Ronald Reagan are having problems with the
> later today.

Ongoing support for fileformats is indeed a real issue. Autodesk's
Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) has changed dramatically over the years,
tied as it is to the AutoCAD application (a few Adobe apps have worked
with DXF, but not many).

There's a particular profile of Adobe's PDF format which became an ISO
standard for archiving purposes... it removes the collaboration,
authentication, media features of PDF specifically for longterm storage:

For video, you might want to archive uncompressed versions, beyond just
the compressed deliverable versions... gives more options into the future.

Robert Scoble wrote:
> Yeah, keeping things around is a real problem. I had a chat
> with archiving expert Jeff Ubois about just this topic recently.
> The first two years of my blog are gone, by the way. Bums me
> out that I didn't back anything up back then.

Fortunately, Brewster Kahle and crew did:


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