Hello all together,

I'm new in this group and want to say hello to all of you. My name is Jennifer 
Ahl, I'm 26 years old and from Germany. I've discovered this group while 
researching the beginning of videoblogging.

Right now, I'm working on my doctorate about Web-TV; I studied film, television 
and theatre in the North of Germany in Hildesheim at the University (my studies 
are related to cultural cultural studies). My point of focus is the definition, 
the typology and aesthetic of Web-TV.

I am excited about the discussions in this community and the potential of so 
many people sharing thoughts about this topic!

My first questions to you are: 
- Does someone know videoblogs founded from 2000 on (apart from Steve Garfield 
and Adam Kontras), English- or German-speaking ones? 
- How do you define videoblog currently? (Mostly, I have the feeling the 
definition is blurred and quite a lot of different Web-TV-genres or types are 
subsumed under the concept of videoblog.)

Regards, Jennifer 

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