Hello All,

We just found out through an article published in our campus paper that 
our campus equipment unit will no longer be supporting VHS in the 
classrooms because it is too hard to fix the VHS decks and because "DVD 
equipment is easier to use than tape decks; DVDs are more portable; they 
are more reliable etc.". 

They also advertised in that same article that they will convert all VHS 
tapes that faculty use to DVD.
They never mentioned anything about copyright - just that "because its 
for educational use then its ok to do the conversion (for a price)." As 
far as I can tell they never talked to campus legal either.

Needless to say we were surprised (we have over 5000 VHS tapes in our 
Media collection).

Has any other Media unit dealt with this?  I seem to remember this 
thread but could not find it in the archives.

Any help would be appreciated.  Please feel free to contact me off the 
list too if you would like.

Beth Traylor
Media Librarian

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