One annoyance I do have is in the matter of unsolicited emails that many vendors send out in regards to new films that they are handling. No, I need to clarify that a bit. Actually such emails can be quite useful, alerting me to certain films that I might not otherwise know about. If this film is even vaguely of interest, I squirrel away the email into a folder and then review it later during those times when I devote myself heavily to that of ordering new films for the library.

*What* I don't like is when certain of these distributors then contact me in follow-up to these emails they have sent out. Sometimes they phone, sometimes they email. Invariably what
they have to say is something like this:

"Anthony, a month ago I sent you an email about our exciting new film */T//he Zebra Holocaust/* /*in Botswana*/. Haven't heard back from you and I was wondering if this is something
you will be purchasing for USC?"

I don't know about other folks on this list, but I find such follow-ups annoying. With all the dozens of unsolicited announcements I receive about new dvds and books each week, I couldn't begin to respond to all such messages. The bottom line is this: if I am interested in ordering a particular film, I will order it. If I am not, I won't. Contacting me in such follow-ups will no way persuade me to go ahead and order it; if anything, it just might have the opposite effect. >:o

And, yes, it is also annoying (as someone else pointed out today) that having once purchased a particular film, a distributor continues to send me time after time emails urging me to purchase the film. And this often after so informing the distributor that we have the film and they still continue
to send me such announcements.... >:o >:o

And one final rant(ette): if receiving an email informing me of a new documentary that "every
library must have", then I know that it is not a dvd for us. >:o >:o >:o

Cheers (again), :-)

Anthony E. Anderson
Social Studies and Arts & Humanities Librarian
Von KleinSmid Library
University of Southern California
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"Wind, regen, zon, of kou,
Albert Cuyp ik hou van jou."

Meghann Matwichuk wrote:

Hi Helen (et. al.),

Re: physical mail and ALA -- there is a box you can check when registering to attend ALA conferences that will keep you off their official lists, AFAIK. I always hunt down this (sometimes elusive) box; some of my colleagues don't. I get to see directly when passing out departmental mail how many trees this saves me.

As for email, I get the feeling that lists such as this one are 'harvested' by vendors / distributors. I agree this is off-putting. What bothers me are the repeated emails -- it's not uncommon to get 6, 7, or three dozen emails for a single title, and half the time we've ALREADY purchased it. For those titles, I end up searching the catalog several times before the title sticks in my mind as one we've already gotten, at which point I just get annoyed. For the ones I'm not interested in, it's just a hassle to scan and delete that many messages, and I kind of resent those wasted minutes. Especially when there's a tool like VideoNews so readily at everyone's disposal.


Meghann Matwichuk, M.S.
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On 8/24/2011 12:07 PM, Helen P. Mack wrote:

OK, I must admit that the postcards are nice, especially the ones from Bullfrog. Colorful, they make good bookmarks. And once in a while something does catch my eye and I will query a prof about it.

But here's something else that annoys me, and it has been discussed here before. ALA denies that they sell their membership list, but to my mind, it is no coincidence that I get a flood of emails from people hawking their videos when I renew my membership. I spend more time getting off mailing lists that I did not join ...

On 8/24/2011 11:12 AM, wrote:
Hey hey

I'm usually no friend of print marketing, but I sort of like those myriad
post cards that come in the mail...they tend to get my attention more than
email (given the fact that my In-box is a digital catastrophe)

gary handman

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