Third World Newsreel distributes a film called Creative Detours.  Here is a 
description below.  For more info go to<>

Creative Detours, 1992, 10 minutes
In this short narrative, a young woman moves to New York City from the Midwest 
in order to "develop her writing" and to share an apartment with her boyfriend. 
Distracted from her new creative life-style, she is soon challenged by her best 
friend to work harder to foster her own growth as an artist.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:28 PM
Subject: [Videolib] recommendation for films

Hello CW,

I have a faculty member teaching Women and Writing this Fall and she would like 
to show a film with these parameters:

..maybe a film they have seen before or a more subtle indictment of the sexism 
faced by both females and males.  One of my favorite quotes from an essay is 
that" while women are seen as sex objects, men are seen as success objects."  I 
guess I am trying to find a film that shows this dynamic.

I suggested von Trier, Lynch and Labute (since they always get criticized on 
these issues).  I also suggested Film Noir in general, and of course, Disney 
films.  Other suggestions would be welcome.



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