I have the template for the more general very legal heavy worded license
which is good for films being licensed for a limited term but
I am working directly with some filmmakers who own their films or restored
silent films where the company can license the film in perpetuity.
I really don't think they need more than a basic license/ agreement of a
few sentences to the effect that purchasing institution has streaming rights
in perpetuity ( this sounds better than "lifetime" to me as that implies
issues with format changes but would like to here reactions on that) but
access is limed to active students, faculty and staff on a password
protected system. The license generally also includes rights for an campus
public showings provided no admission is charged and the screening is not
directly publicized off campus. Also a restriction that no additional
physical copies will be made ( no problem replacing lost or damaged copies
at a nominal fee). Last thing is that streaming and exhibition rights are
limited to the purchasing institution ( in other words you can let the
physical copy go out on interlibrary loan but of course the borrowing
institution can  not stream or exhibit it).

I have two general issues. Does this cover everything you would want and
does it sound TOO simple? Basically these guys own all the rights so they
don't mind adjusting things on  a case by case basis.

I also work on films with a traditional time limit but other than changing
the wording to reflect the time frame should that license have more details?

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