You might try:
They do captioning and audio description with funds from the U.S. Dept of 

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>> Subject: Re: [Videolib] Anybody have a video captioning service they
>>   absolutely love?
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>> I would be interested in this information if it is being discussed off-list.
>> Thanks.
>> Jeanne Little
>> On Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 12:55 PM, Foster, Jennifer <> wrote:
>>> I am in the position of needing to have videos closed captioned for
>>> hearing impaired students. I have found a service, but just want to check
>>> to see if others have found services they like. Also, the license terms of
>>> this service provider say I am responsible for getting permission from the
>>> copyright holder to have captioning done. I called the copyright holder
>>> first, and they told me they don?t offer a closed-captioned version of the
>>> film in question. Since to my knowledge the ADA requirement does not call
>>> for retroactive closed captioning, why do I need their permission? I have
>>> to provide an accommodation for my student?Comments?****
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>>> Jennifer Foster****
>>> Media Librarian****
>>> Victoria College/University of Houston-Victoria Library****
>>> 361.570.4195****
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