We've utilized Choice for over 30 years, and it's a fantastic tool for faculty 
selection of relevant print books/ebooks.  It does include reviews of web 
resources, as well.  However, Choice does not get into film *at all,* other 
than monographic print resources for film studies.  My understanding of RCL is 
that it's sort of an extension of Choice in the sense that it also focuses on 
vital core print & electronic items for undergraduate collections but does not 
include films.

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Subject: [Videolib] ACRL and CHOICE seek peer reviewers for core bibliography

Does anyone on the list have access to this database?

To what degree does it cover film/video/media?  If at all.

Appreciate comments on RCL sent to the list.


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ACRL and CHOICE seek peer reviewers for core bibliography

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*Please excuse cross-postings.*
 Resources for College Libraries (RCL), a publication of the Association of 
College and Research Libraries' Choice magazine and R.R. Bowker, is currently 
seeking librarians and academic faculty to serve as peer reviewers for the 
following subject areas:
 **Agriculture, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Business Administration, 
Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Environmental Sciences, 
General Science, Geography, Geology, Health Sciences and Medicine, Journalism 
and Communication, Law, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, 
Sociology, Sports and Recreation, Technology and Engineering**
 RCL is a subscription database that identifies 80,000+ titles across 61 
subjects that are essential for research and instruction at the undergraduate 
level. Available online at, RCL provides a list of core 
titles that are essential for undergraduate libraries.
 Referees will be responsible for comprehensively evaluating the RCL subject's 
bibliographic content, along with its taxonomic organization. All referee work 
is scheduled for completion by August 15, 2013 and can be completed online and 
at your leisure. Referees will receive access to the RCL database to complete 
the review. Please consider submitting your name to participate in this 
one-time professional service opportunity. Preference will be given to those 
with experience in collection development and/or teaching in the subject area. 
To volunteer as a reviewer, send an email to Anne Doherty 
(<>) with your contact 
information, CV, and a brief description of your qualifications, particularly 
any experience maintaining or assessing core collections in the subject area. 
For more information about RCL, visit:
Anne Doherty
Project Editor, Resources for College Libraries

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