Randall USC purchased the BBC Shakespeare series on DVD several years ago.
Along with that, plus Theater in Video and other Shakespearean productions
issued on DVD, they appear to keep our lovers of the Bard of Avon reasonably
content. Perhaps we might acquire the BBC Shakespeare series in streaming
format, but do not see it happening any time soon.

By the way,, *rijstafel* is spelled with one s-not two. And while all nouns are always capitalized in German, that is not the case with Dutch (unless they are proper nouns.)

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On 6/19/2013 11:59 AM, Randal Baier wrote:
The author takes no responsibility for the offense that some may take to his hubris, but he does apologize beforehand for his flippant ways.

Well, hello good people.

I suppose the BBC Shakespeare 1978-1985 could be considered ambrosia for humanists, but I'm curious how this set is incorporated into your overall accumulation of videos of Shakespeare plays. Is the BBC /Hamlet/ "THE ONE" that most of your faculty members turn to in their classes, or do you, as many of us do, have a veritable Rijsttafel of video smackerels for their delight? We've got a bunch too -- Olivier, Gielgud, Brannagh, Gibson, Hawke, et al. -- and I would certainly go for a streaming copy of this play, offered by Ambrose now.

But are these Shakepeares out of date in the contemporary classroom? -- there, I said it! i.e. Or to reverse engineer Renee Zellweger in /Jerry Maguire/, "Did they have you at BBC?" What are the approaches that we take with this classic set in our hoppers now?

I might add, with this possibly-mostly-VHS classic set in our hoppers. Perhaps I am lazy, but I haven't updated /Coriolanus/ and /Richard II/ into DVDs. On the other hand, given the way streaming works, I could cherry pick particular productions on yearly licenses if I knew what was being taught in the coming semesters. It sure was easier in VHS days to have a box set of 37 videos and just have them there if anyone wanted to take the plunge. As we all know, students go running out of the classroom to watch Gielgud video cassettes on the weekends.

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