At my public library, rather than destroy the codes, we're thinking about 
occasionally giving these away to patrons via random drawings on Facebook and 
Twitter, maybe once each month in bundles of 5 or 10 titles. Winners would have 
to come to the library in person to pick up the actual paper slips. Assuming 
state and local laws and Facebook terms of service allow this, would this be a 
good idea? -Mike

Michael May
Carnegie-Stout Public Library 

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We've seen on the list some discussion of Blu-Ray before҆ and the bundling
of a standard DVD with a Blu-Ray in the initial release of some feature
films.  But now as I'm doing my annual order of the Academy Award
nominated films DVD purchases҆ I am seeing UltraViolet and/or a digital
copy also being bundled for a large number to titles.

In some cases it appears to be the only way to get the standard DVD.

I'm curious (but not yellow - a reference to my earlier post) what other
video librarians are doing about UltraViolet and digital copies being
bundled with DVDs

How are you handling this change in distribution?  (Sorry, I am not
interested in Blu-Ray discussion, just digital copy and UltraViolet)

Thanx for your thoughts.


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