Dear Colleagues,

For Columbus Day Weekend, DER is offering free streaming of COLUMBUS DIDN'T
DISCOVER US by award-winning filmmaker Robbie Leppzer, which you can view
all weekend from the link below.

In preparation for the Columbus Quincentennial, 300 Native men and women
came to the highlands of Ecuador to take part in the First Continental
Conference of Indigenous Peoples. Columbus Didn't Discover Us features
interviews with participants, filmed at this historic gathering,
representing a wide spectrum of Indian nations from North, South, and
Central America.

This title is part of DER's newly released collection of social documentary
<>. Leppzer's works capture the
experiences of ordinary people grappling with critical issues of our time,
such as war and peace, environmental protection, human rights, and
cross-cultural understanding. His film, video, and public radio works
remain a valuable historical record of the 20th and 21st Centuries, and
encapsulate the experience of grassroots activism from a cross-section of
races, religions, and ages. Perfect for courses in American Studies, Peace
& Justice, Anthropology, Sociology, History, or for anyone interested in
social movements and activism.

You can order through our website <>, or by calling the
office at 617-926-0491 or toll-free at 800-569-662. If you would like to
review any of these films, or have any questions, please email me.


Alijah Case
Communications & Outreach Associate
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