Oh, bad news from here.  I know public libraries often have different 
collections.  We for a long time double shelved our cds and dvds - empty cases 
on the open shelves, discs in file cabinets in back of the circ desk.  It 
wasn't a sustainable plan - eventually we had too many titles, and not enough 
room for more cabinets to hold discs.  So, the decision was made to put all the 
discs out, despite protests from front line staff - circ and reference - about 
high theft rates.  Well, predictions came true.  In the first year, we lost 
over 500 dvds.  In the next 2 months after that, 300!  So, all dvds were pulled 
into a closed access area, and folks had to ask for specific titles.  Horrible 
horrible time.   Eventally, we contracted with Biblioteca, a security company, 
to provide dispensers for our DVDs.  They work a little like Red Box.  The 
discs are loaded into the despensers.  Patrons scan the barcode of the empty 
case from the shelf, and the discs are dispensed.  Very little theft now.  And 
the theft of the CDs has gone way down - maybe 2 - 4 a month.  But, it's easier 
to take a cd home and copy it, as opposed to dvds.  So the moral of the story 
for us - unless you have a good security system in place, really think this 


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Anyone keep their dvd collection in open stacks, without locking cases?  We're 
looking into moving ours into an open area and while it's counter to my own 
instincts, many think putting them all in cases as too costly for preventing 
little theft. Any thoughts or personal experiences are welcome!



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